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LK Benson & Company is a CPA Financial Planning firm whose primary objective is helping our clients address planning opportunities and reach their financial goals. Our clients are typically high net worth individuals and families and we often address multi-generational issues. We provide advice that is objective and independent as we work with and coordinate the services of other advisors. Proactive and personal relationships with clients drive the firm. The staff at LK Benson & Company is critical to providing these services.  They are given the opportunity to grow professionally while providing the flexibility to lead a balanced life. We work as a team to ensure that all of our clients' needs are met in a timely fashion.

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One of the biggest life transitions that we help clients with on a regular basis is retirement. There are a myriad of issues we see clients face when making this transition but one challenge that causes a lot of internal stress is the switch from saving to spending. We often have clients tell us they just want to live off the income of the portfolio rather than spending down their savings. Unfortunately there are many issues with this plan. We believe in a "total return" approach to managing your portfolio in retirement and Chris explains why.

The Golden Years

Whether you like it or not you are getting older. We all are. At some point we need to confront the reality that as we get older we face new and distinct challenges related to our health. And we need to do that BEFORE we face those challenges. Lyle has some thoughts on how we help our clients transition into their later years and what you should be thinking about as you do the same.

Second Quarter Market Commentary

The final weeks of the second quarter were full of intrigue and volatility as the United Kingdom surprisingly voted to leave the European Union on June 23 and world financial markets reacted with a major sell off. Our second quarter market commentary recaps all the action.

Tax Return Reminder

It's almost August, which means there are only two and a half months until your extended individual tax return is due. If you are still dragging your feet on getting your tax information together, now is the time to do it. If you are waiting on a K-1's, you can still provide us everything else while you wait. Please don't procrastinate, the final due date will be here before you know it!